1964 Ford GT40 Set Car First Issue - Non chromed wheels C10

Last updated on October 24, 2021

* Actual car *

Chassis:monogram in line T (*)
Motor:16D Tiger X-100
Color:WhiteNumber:11Year made: 1966

This car is mint and it is part of my Le Mans set; The interesting part is that it was a replacement for the original car; There is a letter from Monogram to the owner saying that it hopes they arrive fine ; Even the box where the replacement cars is there, showing that it was mailed from the factory on October 19th, 1966.

(*) Chassis convention:
P = Plastic, A = Aluminum, CA = Cast Aluminum,
B = Brass, M = Magnesium, NP = Nickel Plated , R = Resin, W = Wood,
T = Tin, S = Steel, AA = Anodised Aluminum, C - Circuit board
TJ = 'Tjet' vertical motor shaft, IF = ISO-Fulcrum, V = Vibrator

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Build 1037