1966 Ford GT40 Mk II - prototype * REPRODUCTION * C8

Last updated on May 11, 2021

* Actual car *

Chassis:Cox side winder M (*)
Motor:36D Cox TTX-200
Color:WhiteNumber:98Year made: 1998

This car was never sold by Cox. Only in prototype form. Instead of releasing this car, Cox decided to release the Chaparral 2D. This particular one is not an original prototype. It was reproduced from an original. The original was made by mixing the middle of a Cox Ford GT-40 with the front and rear of a static model. This one too. A Fujimi static kit provided the front and rear. Cox provided the middle & interior. The decals were also reproduction of the original prototype. Even the box is a reproduction.

(*) Chassis convention:
P = Plastic, A = Aluminum, CA = Cast Aluminum,
B = Brass, M = Magnesium, NP = Nickel Plated , R = Resin, W = Wood,
T = Tin, S = Steel, AA = Anodised Aluminum, C - Circuit board
TJ = 'Tjet' vertical motor shaft, IF = ISO-Fulcrum, V = Vibrator

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Build 1036