1961 Ferrari 156 F1 Shark-nose C6

Last updated on September 25, 2023

* Actual car *

Chassis:Carrera in line P (*)
Motor:Carrera can-type motor
Color:RedNumber:4Year made: 60's

This is one of my surviver racers from the 70s. This is the car that Phil Hill was champion with. This car is an antique from the early 60's. The guide flag is not original. Carrera Universal series.

(*) Chassis convention:
P = Plastic, A = Aluminum, CA = Cast Aluminum,
B = Brass, M = Magnesium, NP = Nickel Plated , R = Resin, W = Wood,
T = Tin, S = Steel, AA = Anodised Aluminum, C - Circuit board
TJ = 'Tjet' vertical motor shaft, IF = ISO-Fulcrum, V = Vibrator

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Build 1041